Dear students, 

Right inside the doors at TIPPS, there is a large map of the U.S. hanging on one of the walls. I know exactly the excitement you feel when you look at it and think of going to college—the anticipation of a new environment to discover, the chance to delve into your passions, and the new experiences and friends awaiting you.  We are well aware of what an exciting time of your life this is! Why shouldn’t it be? You are building the foundations of your future!

Preparing for college might seem difficult, but there is nothing you cannot accomplish with perseverance and a bit of time management. I can assure you that everything you do right now will pay off wonderfully at the end. And, the best thing is, you don’t have to do all of this by yourself! 

The whole crew at TIPPS, is always here for you! We take your welfare very seriously. All of us are here to help you through any problems you may have, to support and guide you, and to answer all your needs. Maybe you have a question about your TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, or SAT test, maybe you would like to ask about doing a college tour, or maybe you simply want to share your experiences in the science fair at school with us—whatever the topic, our doors are always wide open for you.

Not too long from now, you will find yourself at your new school, on your way to becoming what you’ve been dreaming of: a scientist, engineer, politician, business person, lawyer, or artist. Only then will you know how rewarding it feels to have earned all of this through your hard work!

You are at a very important crossroads, and the work you do right now matters a lot. So, if you ever find yourself standing in front of our map and feeling like you need help getting through it all, come into our offices. We’re always here, ready to help you.

Best wishes,

Tamer Gürsoy Founder TIPPS