Sample Questions

1. If 3ˣ=5ʸ, what is x/y?

A. 1.46
B. 0.68
C. 0.92
D. 2.24
E. 3.38

2. In an isosceles triangle ΔABC, if AB=BC=5, and ∠ B= 42°, then what is the length of AC?

A. 3.6
B. 3.4
C. 6.6
D. 7
E. 8.2

3. The charge for a taxi ride for t minutes is given by the function f(t)= 2.06(0.80x[t]+1), where t >
0 and [t] is defined as the greatest integer less than or equal to t. How much would a 6.8 minute taxi
ride cost?

A. $11
B. $11.95
C. $13.59
D. $13.8
E. $15.1

4. In a class, 58% of the students are girls, and 32% of the students wear glasses. If 10% of the
students are boys who wear glasses, what is the probability that a randomly selected student would
be a girl or a student who wears glasses?

A. 0.68
B. 0.58
C. 0.9
D. 0.74
E. 0.66

Answers: 1.A, 2.A, 3.B, 4.A

Please note that this sample is not meant to represent every question type that you will encounter
on the exam. It is meant to give you a general idea of what the Math Level 2 questions are like. For
more detailed information or for more practice tests, download the SAT Subject Tests app!

Test Prep Strategies

  • There are questions in Level 2 which include lots of variables. If you get lost in the variables, try putting numbers in for those variables.
  • Know your calculator! Acceptable calculators include Texas Instruments and Casio graphing calculators.
  • In Math Level 2, some questions require radian mode. These questions include an expression like “in radians.” After finishing these questions, go back to degree mode because the majority of the questions are in degree mode.
  • Approximately 40% of the questions do not require a calculator! Calculators may be disadvantageous for the questions that do not include numbers, are related to mathematical identities, or consist of basic integers. You may lose time if you use a calculator for these questions! Calculators are very useful for approximately 60% of the questions. These questions include expressions like √39, tan23, or log19. Practice, practice, practice! Try to do at least ten timed practice tests before taking the exam.