Tamer Gürsoy

I consider myself very fortunate to have chosen a path in life that I truly love and value. What compelled me to found TIPPS after many years as a teacher are both my love of teaching and the value I see in giving students the support they need in building their futures. I want the young people who walk through the doors at TIPPS to become accomplished citizens of the world, and I believe we can be a very important source of support for them in meeting their goals.

Through time, I’ve come to see teaching as a whole, a whole that is shared between teacher and student. This whole is built upon trust, learning from each other, and mutual hope. What comes out of all this is a tremendous synergy that leads to success. I believe an important role teachers play is in creating the opportunity for that synergy to form.

As a teacher, I have given a lot of thought to why students sometimes aren’t “dying to learn.” I think their reluctance is understandable; it has to do with the kind of learning environments they come from. I believe the goal of a teacher is to make a student want to learn. Learning should be a bit like going to see a movie; the task of the student should be to show up, and it should be up to the teacher to make the student see the value of learning a subject.

In order to accomplish this, a teacher needs to be able to manage many things well. Teaching takes a lot of management of different characters, experiences and moods, in addition to the management of time. It also takes knowing that everything has a reason, and keeping this in mind, being able to change strategies when necessary.

I also believe a teacher needs to be able to manage his or her life well in order to be a good source for a student. The feeling of peace and focus that comes from establishing a balance between the things one has to do and the things one loves to do is something I value highly. I think that both of these have to be in one’s life, and it’s impossible to choose just one. After all, one obtains the right to do the things he likes to do by first doing the things he has to do.

I have gotten the chance to know, through my work, thousands of young people who are at a very critical point in their lives. When you teach, you’re not only making the acquaintance of a new student, but a new person, with his or her past, present and future concerns. With this in mind, I’ve built TIPPS to be a place where we nourish the minds and hearts of each of the young people that turn to us, and help them mature into accomplished adults. Just as food is a must, so is education. It is with this kind of nourishment that our students have gone on to achieve what they want.

TIPPS is a place that welcomes students at this very critical point in their lives and propels them forward in realizing their futures through an education abroad. They come here as people who are willing to become complete through an education abroad. This education pushes them to think and plan their futures globally.

Wherever it is that they end up in life, an education at an American university will contribute greatly to their futures. What does America give to a student? He learns how to survive away from “home,” in the world at large, to think analytically, to co-exist with students from every corner of the world, to respect differences, to cooperate, and to compromise when necessary. In this new environment, a student learns to assume new roles, to develop a career, to be part of a community and of society. Most importantly, he becomes an individual and gains the ability to decide on his or her own future.

We have a very strong team here at TIPPS, where each and every teacher and staff member shares the same kind of passion and dedication to helping our students through this extremely important phase of their lives. It is fascinating for us as a team to see our endeavors bear new fruit year after year with each class of students that passes through our doors.

Ayşen Epikmen

People who have fully committed themselves to achieving their aspirations feel proud and confident about their futures, and that's why we're here; our mission is to find the best way for students to handle the various aspects of the college application process and help them make sense of the hustle and bustle all around them.

There are many steps in the college application process, and that's where I come in. My purpose here, together with the whole crew at TIPPS, is to help students find a sustainable, healthy balance during this exciting process. The best part is, I don't have to do it alone; the professionals at TIPPS are divided into teams composed of experts who know their respective fields inside and out. With a comprehensive library and an insatiable desire to exceed the already high expectations we have for ourselves, our teams fully devote themselves to their students in order to help them get the scores they need.

Since one size does not fit all at TIPPS, we create unique programs tailor made for each individual student. While working on a student’s road map during his college application process, we know how important it is to consider that each student has his own personality, expectations, habits, and working methods, so we individualize each road map to match each student’s specific needs.

At TIPPS, from the front desk to the kitchen, we believe in our students. TIPPS has a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that helps our students feel comfortable and secure. Only in such an environment is it possible to bring out everything that makes our students unique and special.

We open our doors each and every day with passion and hope in order to provide our students with exactly what they need: A PATH!