Summer/Fall 2017 SAT & ACT Group Programs

Dear students and parents,

We have organized group study programs for students targeting the 2017-2018 season official SAT and ACT exams and wishing to get ready during this summer and fall.   

We will be providing an efficient SAT and ACT study environment for our groups consisting of min.3, max.5 students with similar competency levels, throughout the months of July, August, and September, 2017. Our group programs will deliver to participants thorough information, test techniques and strategies, as well as min.5 full practice tests during the program.  

Students joining our group studies will have the opportunity to develop themselves more efficiently and in a friendly atmosphere using the synergy of the group, to benefit from the more relaxed summer months, and to alleviate their study burden for the winter period.   

You can promptly call TIPPS Student Affairs to learn about these course programs, participation requirements and to fix appointments for the necessary level tests. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Best wishes,

TIPPS Student Affairs Office