As the leading institution of our sector in terms of service quality, scope and number of students served, TIPPS is devoted to providing the best possible quality tutoring in a relaxing and motivating study environment, allowing students to reach their targets within the minimum possible program length. The services provided by TIPPS consist of assessing the student’s level before the courses; determining the most suitable course programs as per students’ levels; providing the required tutoring hours and supporting homework beyond classes; and implementing any follow-up, reports, or program revisions, as needed. The courses tutored, besides being of the highest standard, are taught by qualified and experienced teachers.  The expert Student Advisors and administrative personnel at TIPPS are involved in every step in a student’s program, providing guidance, logistical support, and assistance with any inquiries the parents may have. Our purpose is to provide our students aiming for higher education in the USA, UK, or Canada with the best possible education in the best quality study environment.