If you’re here, you probably have a lot on your mind regarding foreign universities, entrance exams, and the college application process as a whole. We're here to help you through it!
The abundance of exams in particular can be overwhelming for both students and families: which tests do I need to take? How do I prepare? How do I know when I’m ready? 
TIPPS is home to the answers to all of these questions (and much more). Nestled in a homey brick building in a safe, residential neighborhood and staffed by people whose first priority is the success and happiness of each student, TIPPS is worlds away from your typical test prep center.
At TIPPS, our focus is on the individual student; we tailor all of our efforts to his or her specific needs. Rather than placing students into a classroom at random, we start them off with the necessary level tests, which allow us to gauge their proficiency in the relevant subjects. Based on the results of these diagnostic exams, we’re able to design a unique course of study for each student to help him or her succeed.
Because we know the value of individual attention, the majority of the classes we offer are one-on-one. This allows both for the entire focus of our teachers to be on each specific student and for the student to concentrate fully on the lesson, without the typical distractions and interruptions that are often encountered in school settings. 
We do, however, offer group classes from time to time (with a maximum of four students) for those who excel in more competitive environments.
Educational Resources
The educational resources offered at TIPPS are unparalleled. Our greatest resource is, of course, our teachers themselves, who work late into the night ensuring that their students really “get it.” (And we promise, they will!) All of TIPPS’ teachers have undergone rigorous vetting and training and are exceptionally qualified in their areas of expertise.
In addition to our teachers, our enormous library of practice exams, question and answer banks, and language-learning materials allows us to design the most challenging and engaging course of study possible for each of our students. Classes are supplemented by a variety of other services, including numerous opportunities to take practice tests that track students' progress.
The Application Process 
While TIPPS is perhaps best known for its track record of preparing high school students from around Turkey and even internationally for college entrance exams, our efforts don’t end there. TIPPS offers its students comprehensive support and guidance on every aspect of the college application process. Our writing coaches (themselves published authors) guide students through the unique experience of crafting the perfect Personal Statement and help them fine-tune their resumes to make their accomplishments really shine. Moreover, through its affiliation with the best college counselors, TIPPS provides access to the most reputable counseling services available. 
Follow-up and Support
Our vast administrative staff excels at organizing and guiding students through this complicated time. At TIPPS, we know all of our students by name, we know which universities are their dream schools, we know what deadlines they need to focus on, and we know how to keep them sane while doing so! We understand the significance of motivation, communication, and follow-up, facts that are underscored by our regular student assessment reports prepared by our world-class teachers, as well as our Student Liaison department. 
For twelve months a year, seven days a week, and virtually all hours of the day, TIPPS and its stellar employees are here to help students turn their dream schools into their alma maters.